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The SOLESTAR KICK insole with its extremely grippy material ensures that your foot remains stable in every situation - whether you are sprinting, jumping or taking powerful shots.

Secure stand and perfect finish!
When playing football, the foot is constantly stressed in a variety of ways. The rapid and constantly changing loads place high stress on the stabilizing muscles, which can lead to fatigue and overloading. Thanks to its supportive function, the KICK relieves the muscles and ensures a stable and comfortable fit for the foot in the shoe. The grippy upper material ensures optimum grip, which improves ball control and ultimately increases your performance when playing football.

  • thin, cushioning PU foam with PU upper material
  • 2,5mm thin in the forefoot area
  • 77g per pair in size 42

    Symptoms & Effects

    Works with any foot type
    e.g. flat, splay or hollow feet

    Slip-resistant surface for best grip
    e.g. during rapid changes of direction and rotational movements

    Avoid injuries and increase athletic performance
    e.g. improved sprints

    Relieve and prevent pain
    e.g. heel spur, hallux, but also knee and back pain

    Compensate leg position
    e.g. bow legs or knock-knees, and common leg length differences


    Ready for immediate shipment, delivery time 1-5 days.
    Abroad: see shipping overview.


    SOLESTAR KICK length in cm:

    XXS-35/36: 23.1cm
    XS-37/38: 24.4cm
    S-39/40: 25.8cm
    M-41/42: 27.1cm
    L-43/44: 28.5cm
    XL-45/46: 30.1cm
    XXL-47/48: 31.7cm
    M Kids-31/32: 20.6cm
    L Kids-33/34: 21.9cm

    Neutral Position Explained

    For every foot, the neutral position is the most efficient position, especially when the foot is subjected to stress. Regardless of individual foot type, the patented design of the SOLESTAR KICK insole stabilizes the foot in the correct position. The stabilizing core of the insole ensures that the foot remains in a neutral position, helping to protect muscles and joints from overuse when playing football.

    Money Back Guarantee

    We are confident that our insoles will revolutionize your comfort and performance. We encourage you to test the claim for yourself, and if after six weeks you are not 100% satisfied with results, you can return them to SOLESTAR for a full purchase price refund.

    Concept & Production

    Developed and designed in Germany, with a unique stabilizing shell.
    The SOLESTAR concept

    SOLESTAR insoles are special both in their design and in their manufacture. They work better and last longer than many other insoles on the market.

    The unique advantage of SOLESTAR insoles is that they keep the foot in the optimal neutral position. This provides more comfort, control and enables the most effective power transfer.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 114 reviews
    Robert N.
    Sehr gutes Produkt

    Man spürt direkt den Support der Sohle beim Fußball und ich fühle mich dadurch sicherer und kontrollierter.

    Thomas G. (Germany)

    Gutes Gefühl und meine Schmerzen am Schienbein sind deutlich weniger

    Mario B. (Austria)

    Ich hab sie erst einmal getragen aber da hat es sich gut angefühlt.