Unraveling the Differences: Solestar KONTROL vs. BLK Insoles

Unraveling the Differences: Solestar KONTROL vs. BLK Insoles


For passionate cyclists seeking the highest of foot support and performance, Solestar's KONTROL and BLK insoles are exceptional contenders. Each insole claims unique features, that fit your cycling experience. In this comprehensive comparison, we'll dive into the differences between KONTROL and BLK insoles.

KONTROL Insoles: Unmatched Foot Positioning and Power Transfer

Solestar's KONTROL insoles are designed to serve as the ultimate upgrade for any cycling shoe. Key features include:

  1. Optimal Foot Positioning: KONTROL insoles prioritize foot alignment, ensuring a stable foundation for seamless power transfer and pedal strokes. The improved foot positioning translates to enhanced performance utilization, boosting your cycling capabilities.

  2. Carbon Fiber x Fiberglass Core: With a stable core made from a mixture of carbon fiber and fiberglass, KONTROL offers a perfect balance of stability and comfort which results in a forefoot thickness of only 3 mm.

  3. Moisture Absorbing EVA Material: The KONTROL's top layer material provides a soft and moisture-absorbing surface, ensuring optimal comfort during long rides and sweaty conditions.

  4. Performance Level: It is recommended for advanced amateur cyclists.



BLK Insoles: The Power of Stiffness and Enhanced Grip

Solestar's BLK insoles are designed to meet the highest demands in cycling, favored by professional cyclists and triathletes for a good reason.

Key features include:

  1. Enhanced Stiffness: BLK insoles feature a unique carbon fiber layer that provides superior stiffness, ensuring exceptional support during extended and high-intensity rides. This added stiffness prevents foot fatigue and enhances power transfer for consistent performance.

  2. Feather-Light Weight: Despite their increased stiffness, BLK insoles remain astonishingly light, weighing just 92g in size 42. The lightweight design ensures optimum performance without unnecessary bulk.

  3. Grippy EVA Material: BLK's eva material on top offers a grippy surface, providing excellent traction during intense cycling sessions and sweaty conditions.

  4. 2mm Thickness: BLK's slim 2mm profile adds minimal volume to your shoe, enhancing comfort while maintaining efficient power transfer.

  5. Performance Level: It is recommended for competitive cyclists and triathletes.