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The SOLESTAR BLK insole is carefully designed to meet the high demands of professional cyclists worldwide. It provides a unique 100% carbon fiber core for unparalleled stiff support with the lightest weight possible.

Advanced biomechanics, reducing injury risks:
The stability of the carbon layer minimizes stress on the foot, promotes proper positioning and optimizes power transfer. With our patented design, you enjoy comfort throughout the activity and can perform even on long, high-impact rides while being protected from injury and common problems.

  • extra thin antibacterial EVA
  • 2mm thin in the forefoot area
  • 20% lighter than any other option
  • 98g per pair in size 42

Can't decide between KONTROL and BLK? Read here.

Symptoms & Effects

★ Works with any foot type
e.g., flat, splay or hollow feet

★ Increase athletic performance

★ Relieve and prevent pain
e.g., heel spur, hallux, but also knee and back pain

★ Compensate leg position
e.g., bow legs or knock-knees, and common leg length differences


Ready for immediate shipment, delivery time 1-5 days, free shipping in GER.
Abroad: see shipping overview.

Money Back Guarantee

Try our insoles risk-free for six weeks. If you're not 100% satisfied, return them to SOLESTAR for a full purchase price refund. Experience the comfort and performance revolution!

Concept & Production

Developed and designed in Germany, manufactured in Europe, featuring a unique carbon stabilization core.

The SOLESTAR concept

SOLESTAR cycling insoles are special both in their design and manufacture. They work better and last longer than most other insoles on the market.

The unique advantage of SOLESTAR cycling insoles is that they hold the foot in the Optimal Neutral Position. This allows to transmit power in the most effective way.

Customer Reviews

Based on 206 reviews
Sven E. (Germany)
Komplett überzeugt!

Kurz zu mir: ich fahre pro Jahr etwa 8000 bis 10000 km Rennrad. Ich hatte fast immer Schmerzen im äußeren Mittelfuß nach der Fahrt. Ich habe verschiedene Schuhe versucht - ohne Erfolg.
Seit ich die Solestar Sohle benutze, habe ich gar keine Probleme mehr. Ich bin überrascht und wahnsinnig zufrieden.

JEREMIE B. (France)
Pour le Roller

Semelle au top, très fine donc ne prends pas trop de place, bien rigide. La voûte est très marqué donc demande un petit temps d’adaptation, pour le pieds. Les 15 premières minutes, on sent que le pieds travaille, j’étais pas loins de la crampe, mais après ce délais le confort était parfait.
Comparé aux superfeet elles sont bien au dessus en therme de maintien et confort, plus fine que les pro hockey Carbon (semelle très utilisée dans ce domaine)
La forme de la semelle permet en Roller d’avoir une position plus sur les quart externe, de gagner en confort d’être plus proche du patin donc le rendre plus réactif.

Robert v.R. (The Netherlands)
Awesome connection feet to pedals

The Solestars, I should have had bought them 10 yrs ago. Awesome connection from feet to pedal. Also no cold feet anymore, beter floating / bleeding through my vains in my feet.